Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Move on over

Hey Everybody.
I'm not using this blog very much anymore. I have moved over to my author blog. I still come here on occasion, but if you want to "really" keep in touch with me, and with my writing, then head on over to Write Inside. I would love to see you over there. I just finished a post about Christmas!!
See ya there.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Oh my!! I looked at my last post and saw that it was written on the 8th of September. That means that I haven't blogged in ages!! Heaven help me, that is just not acceptable.
Anyways. We are in Florida!! The sun is shining. The boat is rocking and everything is nothing short of bliss.
We actually had a Manatee at our boat today and we were able to swim with him, feed him, and rub his back. It was amazing!!! I don't even have words to describe it (A rarity for me to be sure).
The boat is in the water and all systems are wonderful. We are waiting for a weather window and then we're hoping to take a sail over to the Bahamas. They were hit pretty hard by a hurricane a while back, so we are going to take in some clothes and other items (Bibles of course) into them. I'm super excited.
Unfortunately I don't have any more time to blog :( I need to be running, but I will try my best to blog more, okay?
I have also started another blog. This blog is my author blog and I would love for you guys to follow me over there. I'll leave the link at the bottom of the most here.

Here's that link :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay. This post is random and short. I love trees. I think they look absolutely wonderful. No two trees are the same and every single one is special and beautiful. I just love them.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Again

Nashville was amazing! We didn't spend a whole bunch of time there, we were in Franklin (just outside Nashville) for most of the weekend, but it was still spectacular.
The Ragged Edge (That was the writer's conference I went to) was so wonderful. I learnt so much and was unbelievably inspired to write and do what I love doing.
I met some of the most wonderful people while I was there. I met these two young ladies that were so encouraging and fun to be around.
I also got to meet some of my favorite author's. Eric Wilson and Ted Dekker. It was so cool to be able to learn so many things from these people. It was incredible.
Every word that was spoken that weekend was so encouraging!! I can't wait to go again next year.

On a totally different note ;) Here are the last five dress photos...

Can you imagine wearing something like this. Or better yet, MAKING something like this.

I LOVE this dress. look at that color and those stripes. I also think this whole photo is brilliant. It definitely one of my favorites.

I think the cotton and silk mix on this dress is really cool. Dressy meets casual.

Again. Wonderful dress, wonderful picture.

The buttons running down this dress is the only reason I like it. Other than that it's pretty plain and basic.
Which dress was your favorite???

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Books and Dresses #3

OH MY!! I just finished one of the most amazing novels I have ever read. No word of a lie. It was spectacular. The characters were so... *sigh*... I just need to pause here and have a moment of bliss as I remember these characters...okay, I'm good now. The characters were so believable. They had "real" struggles and "real" feelings.
The setting was incredible and the whole way it was written was just amazing. Definitely one of the best books I have read in a looooooong time. I'm SO going to read it again soon.
hahaha. I forgot to tell you what book I just finished. hahaha. My bad. It's the new Laura Frantz novel called "The Colonel's Lady" and it was spectacular. It was one of those books that made me realized why I love reading. I was transported, enthralled, and all-together over joyed...I even cried a time or two :"(
It was Such a sweet tale. It was most definitely her best work yet. READ IT (if you haven't all ready)

Okay, to end off this post I will share five more dress photo's with you. I hope you don't mind being bombarded with all these crazy dress pictures :)

Could you imagine wearing a dress like this?? Look at all those ruffles and lace!!

Oooo. This is one of my favorites. I love the red lace over the cream silk. It's so dainty and beautiful.

Another one of my favorites. I'm a sucker for white lace and the blue sash just makes this dress to die for.

OH MY!!! This dress is nothing short of stunning (not to mention that red hair). It's just beyond words!

I know that this dress is on a doll, but that just makes it look more adorable. I would love to see it on a a book character maybe ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011


I thought I would post another dress blog just in case I got really busy again tomorrow and didn't have the time. So here you are, another five.

I think this dress would make a beautiful wedding dress. I really love the color and the style is SO princess like.

This dress would be a wonderful summer dress. The print is wonderful and the ruffle underneath makes it very feminine. I would buy and wear this dress in a heartbeat.

this dress isn't fantastic but there's something about it that's sort of eye catching.

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! Such exquisite detailing. Imagine this for a wedding dress except in cream instead of green. Again, It would make a great dress for a book character to wear.
This one is quite lovely as well. I could see a refined lady from the 1700's wearing something like this. Maybe in a navy or rose color.

And there you have the next five. Which ones were your favorite out of this set??


Many of my friends in the past year have been engaged or married. It's quite ridiculous really. My ears are full of wedding plans and visions of wedding dresses.
Just the other day, I decided it would be great fun to look at wedding dresses online and see what's popular right now. That didn't last long. I ended up looking at all and every types of dress photo that's floating in the internet.
So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the photo's I found through out the next few weeks.
I head to Nashville on Thursday (SO nervous) and therefore my blogging will be on halt for five or six days, but maybe I will be able to shoot out a quick message while I'm there.
Okay, here are the first five pictures...enjoy :)

I love this dress for some reason. I don't love the color but the style is super cute. I would love to see this in a deep ruby, or an aqua blue.

OH MY!! This dress is different, bright, and absolutely adorable. One of the best one's I found. It looks like it should be on a ballerina or a a fairy. It's just incredible. And how about that color??
Now THIS dress I LOVE!! I am a HUGE fan of vintage and this dress is a wonderful blend of vintage and modern. Enough said.
Once again, huge vintage fan. I think this would make an adorable outfit for a book character to wear. I saved a lot of these pictures for that reason.

Do I really need to say it again?? Vintage. The polka dots on this dress are so cute and feminine. *sigh*
So there you have it. I still have plenty more to show you. I was going to try and post five pictures a day but with Nashville coming up, I'm not sure how devoted I will be to that idea. We will have to see. Which dress was your favorite out of those five??